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Keeping you in the know about where you can (and can't) travel, Bluewaster's team of expert Travel Advisers have put together this list for travel in Spring 2021. Check out our full Back to Travel Guide for all the details and some great deals.

Socorro Island

With awesome big ocean diving, this liveaboard-only destination offers fantastic encounters with a great range of big pelagics and plenty of sharks. Entry through Mexico is currently unrestricted although most boats require a covid test to board.


Relaxed tropical diving around a wide range of atolls, the Maldives can be explored from liveaboard or shore-based resort. Perfect for a relaxed dive vacation with some good marine life encounters. Visitors need a negative PCR test to enter.

Red Sea

Unique species and some fantastic reefs and wrecks, Egypt diving is an unforgettable experience. Liveaboards are the best option for traveling between the best dive sites and discovering everything this region has to offer. Visitors need a negative PCR test to enter.


With great dive destinations like La Paz, Cozumel, and the Yucatan Peninsula, visitors are spoiled for choice in Mexico. There's diving to suit everyone, and access is easy and unrestricted.


One of the world's most famous dive destinations, the Galapagos is home to some very unique species and fascinating ecosystems. The island is best visited by liveaboard to reach hard-to-access spots. Visitors need to show a negative PCR test for transit through Ecuador.


A Bahamas Liveaboard is the best way to visit these tropical islands boasting some of the world's best shark diving amongst lively coral reefs. From May 1, vaccinated visitors can enter unrestricted and unvaccinated visitors must show a negative PCR test.

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