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Bluewater's Best Eco-Resorts | Scuba Diving Blog

An increasingly popular choice for carbon-conscious travelers, eco resorts offer a great alternative for those concerned about the impact their presence may have on fragile environments. Generally speaking, an eco resort should make an effort to reduce its impact, and the impact of its guests on the local surroundings. This could include policies such as recycling, minimizing carbon footprint, running conservation projects, or supporting the local community in some way.

The extent to which an eco resort really impacts its local surroundings varies massively, and the term is often used freely without real thought to its definition or implications. So if staying at an eco resort is important to your vacation planning, make sure you do your research.

Here are Bluewater's top eco resorts:

Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Located on the uninhabited island of Birie in Indonesia's Raja Ampat Archipelago, Papua Paradise Eco Resort is surrounded by some of the world's best wildlife. Stilted huts, designed and made from locally-sourced materials, give guests unique access to the marine life below and the jungle canopy above. As well as daily dive trips to explore the area's exceptional marine life, the resort also runs bird-watching and wildlife expeditions to learn about Raja's amazing top-side biodiversity.

Read more about Papua Paradise Eco Resort here.

Kri Eco Resort

Also located in the Raja Ampat region, Kri Eco Resort is part of the Papua Divers group and is well-known for its eco initiatives. The company donates 10% of its profits to help local communities and conservation projects, and runs the Raja Ampat Research & Conservation Centre, as well as Kayak 4 Conservation. All this is combined with luxury surroundings, excellent service, and some world-class diving.

Read more about Kri Eco Resort here.

Matava Eco Resort

Located on the undeveloped Fijian island of Kadavu, Matava Eco Resort is an idyllic destination with access to some of Fiji's best diving. The resort rooms are simple, with solar powered lights and hot water, however the highlight is the delicious food, cooked with fresh organic produce grown in the resort grounds. Matava is a great place to get away from it all and feel closer to nature.

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Read more about Matava Eco Resort here.

Alor Divers Eco Resort

Located in Alor, Indonesia, in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Alor Divers Eco Resort has embraced sustainability from its conception. Built using local materials, and without clearing any vegetation, the resort now regularly plants trees to improve shade and remove the need for air conditioning. There are various water consumption and waste management policies, all aimed at reducing impact on the local environment.

Read more about Alor Divers Eco Resort here.

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