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Bluewater's Newest Cabo Adventure | Scuba Diving Blog

The team at Bluewater has been diving and exploring the reefs around Los Cabos for many years. Not only is this lively resort area the embarkation point for several Sea of Cortez and Socorro liveaboards, but its rocky reefs and offshore banks provide a wealth of marine life encounters that make scuba diving in Cabo an exciting vacation in its own right.

Bluewater Travel has recently teamed up with Latitude Encounters, an adventure company based in Los Cabos that offers exclusive marine life encounters with a huge range of species around the Baja California Sur coast. Their one-day and multi-day trips and expeditions are suitable for anyone with basic swimming skills and a thirst for adventure. Depending on the time of year, guests can come face to face with all manner of pelagic species from mako, silky, and blue sharks to huge schools of mobula rays, giant humpback whales, turtles, striped marlin, and a host of other resident and migratory species.

A key focus of Latitude Encounter's safaris is their emphasis on research and conservation. As a matter of course, all marine sightings are logged and recorded to a shared database to assist marine life researchers in monitoring the life in the waters around Baja California Sur.

The team at Latitude believes that this type of Citizen Science program is vital if we are to understand and protect marine life to be enjoyed by future generations.

Latitude offers their exciting encounters from the comfort of their own private boat, and guest numbers are kept to a maximum of six per trip to ensure the highest safety and service standards possible. Trips include snorkeling equipment, lunch, snacks, and refreshments, and transport to and from the boat. Latitude will also arrange accommodation for longer expeditions, and all trips include an experienced guide.

For more information on Latitude Encounters or scuba diving in Cabo, contact Bluewater Travel.

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