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Who we are

Bluewater University is brought to you by the same experienced team that runs Bluewater Photo, Bluewater Travel, Ocean Art Photo Competition, and the Underwater Photography Guide.

Bluewater University offers live classes and  seminars on the topics of photo and  video, marine biology, scuba diving travel, and more.

Both free and paid classes

We have lots of great free classes! Paid classes often have a smaller class size and/or offer more advanced subject matter.

Our instructors

Our instructors are an accomplished group of professionals and subject matter experts from all over the world who have a passion for travel, adventure, marine life, the arts, and the ocean.

Learn how to teach for us.

How we are different

Bluewater University is proud to be one of the first companies to offer a comprehensive suite of online classes and seminars in the underwater realm. Through live tutorials and Q&A sessions, we offer a more intimate learning experience compared to companies that only offer pre-recorded courses or impersonal large-group webinars.

To reach us, visit our contact page.

About Our Sister Companies


Bluewater Photo is one of the world’s leading sellers of underwater photo and video equipment and was the first company to offer underwater photo gear and housing tutorials online.


Underwater Photography Guide was the first company to offer free underwater photo tutorials online. They now offer hundreds of tutorials and are considered the leader in underwater photo education.


Bluewater Travel is a full-service dive travel company that offers the best personalized service and customized dive trips in the industry for both groups and individuals. Visit their website for one of the most comprehensive resources for dive travel.

Ocean Art logo.jpg

Ocean Art competition, established  in 2010, is one of the best-known international underwater photo competitions, with an annual prize purse of over $80,000.

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