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Introduction to Underwater Photography with Mark Strickland
Lightroom Classic in a Nutshell

Lightroom Classic in a Nutshell

Editing your underwater photos in Lightroom can be intimidating. There are endless combinations of things you can do to clean up your photos and bring them to life. In this class we'll start off with why I always recommend Lightroom Classic over cloud-based Lightroom (aka Lightroom CC), as well as what I use Lightroom for vs what I use Photoshop for. Please note - this entire class is taught using Lightroom Classic - most of the edits are applicable to plain Lightroom/Lightroom CC, but you will get the most out of this if you get Lightroom Classic. We'll talk about file management, and then we'll dive into the most time-consuming part of post-processing - going over workflow and how to save yourself lots of time sorting and culling your photos. We'll also talk about what you should be looking for when deciding to keep or delete photos. Then we'll get down to the nitty-gritty - I'll walk you through my "standard workflow", a set of about 16 steps that I follow while editing the bulk of my photos. We'll cover what the actual functions do, and then I'll walk you through some example photos of mine. After that we'll cover exporting photos for sharing and printing. To wrap things up we'll have a Q&A session, followed by a live editing tutorial on some of the photos submitted by participants. Because Lightroom is complicated and takes a lot of soak time to really learn properly, I'll also share with you my Lightroom guidance document, that shows most of what I cover in the class - functionality, pitfalls, and most importantly, my time-tested workflow you can follow on your photos until you are comfortable enough to create your own. I really want you to be able to take away everything I cover in this class! I am really excited about this class because I love showing people how to use Lightroom to bring out the very best in their photos. Can't wait to see you online! Bryan is an editor and writer for the Underwater Photography Guide and a photo workshop trip leader for Bluewater Photo/Travel. He lives on Vancouver Island, and loves diving his local waters, or doing any activity that takes him out into nature. Other favourite places to dive include Greenland, Komodo, Tulamben, Anilao, and South Australia... but nothing beats the local steller sea lion colonies (where you are most likely to find him during the winter season).
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