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Underwater Photography and Post-Processing Instructor

Bryan is an editor and writer for the Underwater Photography Guide and a photo workshop trip leader for Bluewater Photo/Travel. He grew up on Vancouver Island, learning to appreciate the ocean at a very young age. Now, after many years away for school, work and travel, he has moved back to the island and is loving diving the local waters and wandering the foggy west coast rainforests.


His favorite underwater experiences include swimming with humpbacks in Moorea, almost being run over by sperm whales in Dominica, being smashed against the rocks next to marine iguanas in the Galapagos, marvelling at the riotously colourful reefs of Komodo, freezing his hands off under the ice in Greenland, appreciating the weirdly lovely leafy sea dragons of South Australia, and exploring the never-ending wonders of muck diving in Tulamben and Anilao. But the best dive he has ever done, bar none, is the amazingly interactive steller sea lions of Hornby Island, just off Vancouver Island. In fact, during winter sea lion season, you are as likely to find him being chewed on by sea lions as you are to find him at his home. 

He recently completed a 1-year "raddical sabbatical" with his fiancee, traveling the world and doing a lot of diving along the way. Now they are really enjoying having a permanent home in the lovely Comox Valley, and will be re-planning their wedding for after the pandemic. Bryan loves teaching underwater photography, because it is such a challenging skill to learn and master. He really enjoys learning what makes people tick, and then helping them along on their underwater photography learning journeys. And that's what makes this such an amazing discipline - there is so much to learn and do, and no possible way to ever reach the "end" of the journey! 

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