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Henrik Enckell

Underwater Photography Instructor

Nationality: Swedish 

Henrik has been diving for over 25 years and as a Rebreather Instructor  Trainer he is teaching all levels of recreational and technical diving up to  Advanced Trimix CCR. He runs the IART (International Association of  Rebreather Trainers) Regional Office for Northern Europe and is a member  of the IART Board of Advisors. 

Henrik is a keen wreck diver and has been involved in deep wreck expeditions  all over the world. Some of the interesting wrecks he has visited are the WW2  disasters General von Steuben and Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic and HMS  Victoria ("the vertical wreck") at 145 meters/475 feet off the Lebanese coast. 

His interest for both the ocean and space has engaged him in projects with the  European Space Agency (Mars500 project) and the SeaSpace Exploration and Research Society (Project Poseidon) among other adventures. He has a military background having served in peace keeping and peace enforcing missions in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia. 

He has also led dive expeditions in the Antarctic and Arctic regions during almost 20 years and he was one of the first persons to take people diving on  expedition vessels in these remote, challenging and many times undived  waters. In total he has supervised more than 4000 dives in polar waters. 

Henrik holds a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and is working in the automotive industry when not travelling to the polar regions. He has lived and  worked in Tokyo, Japan for two years and he is currently living in India with his wife, his three teenage daughters and his 5 year old son. 

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