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Blackwater Specialist and Marine Biologist

Jeff helped launch the first drifting fish pen that used oceanic eddies to circulate between 10 and 70 miles offshore of the Big Island. He is now working with Forever Oceans to further develop aquaculture technology. He previously participated in a number of NOAA cruises to both the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and, more recently, the Pacific Remote Islands Sanctuary. And while remote reefs are fascinating to him, his real passion is in the pelagic habitat. He holds a Master’s and a Bachelor’s in biology from the University of Hawaii.

Jeff Milisen’s photography strongly blends with his training as a marine biologist. In what little off-time he can find, Jeff moonlights as a dive master to guide blackwater dives from his home in Kona, Hawaii. He developed in situ methodology to study the diversity of pelagic life observed on blackwater. Jeff’s photography is best known from his work in blackwater which has won him over 14 awards in international competitions and has been featured in over 40 magazines. His book, "A Field Guide to Blackwater Diving in Hawaii," is due out in June of 2020, so stay tuned!

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