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All About Australia's Weedy Sea Dragon | Scuba Diving Blog

In the waters of the south and east coasts of Australia, a small surprise awaits divers who are willing to spend a little time searching. Not much bigger than the size of a teacup, the reclusive weedy sea dragon is a relative of the seahorse but with a clever camouflage that makes it very difficult to spot.

Inhabiting shallow inshore sites where kelp is abundant, the weedy sea dragon looks remarkably like a strand of seaweed, reddish-brown in color and with straggly projections decorating its spindly body. These fronds also assist the movement of this tiny imposter, allowing it to drift gracefully in the current, perfectly mimicking its habitat.

One of the best places to spot a weedy sea dragon is Flinders Pier, south of Melbourne on Australia's south coast. The resident population of sea dragons at this site draws divers from around the country hoping for a chance to photograph this unique creature. And it's not just weedy sea dragons that can be found at Flinders Pier. This site offers a wealth of marine diversity, from playful Australian fur seals to large rays, cuttlefish, banjo sharks, and a whole host of fish species.

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