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Domestic Travel in Indonesia | Dive Travel Blog

People enjoy a sunset from a liveaboard in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
A spectacular sunset in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, especially for scuba divers. The sprawling archipelago of over 17,000 islands is home to a diverse population spanning multiple cultures, religions, and languages. Underneath the waves, scuba divers and snorkelers have the opportunity to witness mind-blowing marine biodiversity at some of the richest sites in the Coral Triangle.

Getting to Indonesia

With several international airports, getting to Indonesia is relatively easy. However, depending on which region(s) of the country you've chosen to explore, there may be some rigorous and complex domestic travel involved.

Domestic Travel Options

Domestic travel in Indonesia is, overall, unreliable and sometimes frustrating. Whether you're taking a ferry, catching a public train or bus, or flying, you'll want to pack plenty of patience. Ferry queues can be long and slow, public buses, trains, and boats can be uncomfortable and often delayed, and flights are subject to regular flight disruptions - if you can even book domestic flights in the first place.

Domestic Flights

Flights are the fastest and easiest option for traveling between islands and regions in Indonesia. With a number of airlines servicing domestic flights in Indonesia, it can seem as though you have plenty of options until you actually try to book them. Many of these airlines do not accept international credit cards, so even when the booking process may feel as though it's going smoothly, when it comes time to pay you may find it's impossible. For more information and a travel grid showing flights operated between popular destinations, read this article about booking domestic flights in Indonesia.

The Easy Solution to Domestic Travel

Booking with an expert travel agent who understands the nuances of domestic travel in Indonesia is the best way to book your flights and other transfers to ensure the smoothest travel experience. The travel advisors at Bluewater Travel have extensive experience booking travel to and within Indonesia, so contact us to plan your next trip! You can also join a Travel with Bluewater group trip with one our awesome trip leaders to guide the way and handle the logistics.

Bluewater's Other Travel Solutions

Bluewater Travel and Photo have your needs covered with everything from travel bookings, scuba diving gear, and underwater cameras and accessories. Our experts can help you choose a destination, decide on the best regulators for your style of diving, and teach you how to set up and maintain your underwater camera housing.

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