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Our Favorite Things About Bali | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

A small island in southern Indonesia, Bali has long been a popular independent traveler destination and is a highlight on the scuba diving circuit. With a vibrant and deep-rooted culture in the arts, along with friendly people, excellent food, and an exciting variety of underwater experiences, here are our favorite things about Bali diving.

It's easy to get to

While Indonesia may seem like a challenge to get to and travel around, Bali is a popular destination and has excellent international transport links. There are numerous flights from the US into Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), normally with a layover in one of the major Asian hubs. From Europe, transfers tend to be through Middle Eastern airports. Once on the island, most resorts will offer airport transfers, and the main east coast dive areas are only a 90-minute drive.

There is a fantastic arts scene

Bali is known worldwide for its sophisticated arts and crafts roots, delivering skilled paintings, woodcarvings, and sculptures, as well as one of the most innovative performing arts cultures in the world. There are many arts festivals throughout the year, celebrating the island's rich creative history. The cultural capital, Ubud, offers tourists the opportunity to explore local workshops and markets in search of a unique keepsake.

The diving is varied and exciting

Bali offers a wide range of dive options from both liveaboard and resort-based accommodation. While many of the inshore sites are dived straight from the shore, the outer reefs and islands can all be accessed by small dive boats. From shallow, gentle drifts through to deeper technical sites, there is a huge range of dive experiences to suit all tastes. This is on top of lively reefs supporting prolific marine life, fascinating pelagic encounters, wrecks, various night dives, and some notable macro.

You can visit all year round

Indonesia's tropical climate makes Bali a great year-round destination, however, December through to February sees more rain which can affect visibility at many dive sites. The summer months bring a huge increase in tourists, so we recommend visiting during low season, specifically March through to May, and October/November.

Accommodation options are many and varied

While Bali's popular tourist status may not suit everyone, it does ensure there is a huge range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets. Independent hostels and private guest houses can be found in most towns, as well as holiday apartments, boutique hotels, and larger resorts of all standards. Such a choice also keeps prices competitive, and it's not uncommon to pick up a good deal on room rates.

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