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You're a competent and safe diver, you long ago reached the maximum level of training you wish to achieve, you've dived your local sites time and again, so what's next? Many divers find themselves turning to underwater photography in search of a new challenge, new kit, and the chance to re-discover over-dived sites from behind the lens.

But where to start? For those already keen on photography top-side, getting to grips with the jargon may not be too much of a challenge, however, the rest of us have a whole new language to learn. And while the internet may be our best friend when it comes to researching what equipment to buy, even this can be a challenge if you don't really know what you want in the first place.

But there is a solution!

Underwater Photography Guide

The Underwater Photography Guide is the world's most comprehensive resource for all things underwater photography. You'll find thousands of articles from divers, photo pros, and instructors giving advice on all sorts of topics, from 'how to' tutorials and 'best of' guides to equipment reviews, travel articles, and much more.

Check out their page on how to take underwater photos - it's a great resource for those starting out.


Another great source of information is Bluewater University, an online educational platform offering a comprehensive suit tutorials and seminars in the underwater realm. Many classes are free, and all are held live to allow the best interaction and experience. If you are reading this blog, there's a good chance you have already discovered BluewaterU!

Check out their Foundations for Underwater Photography class with Bryan Chu which is ideal for beginners.

Bluewater Photostore

Once you have an idea of the direction you would like to take, it's time to buy some equipment. And nobody knows underwater photography kit better than the staff at Bluewater Photostore. They will help you choose the perfect underwater camera or video system for your needs. No question is too basic, and they love helping new photographers! The Photostore has a large inventory of housings, strobes, and accessories already in stock, including some rental packages for those not quite sure where to start. The staff are happy to show you how to use your new gear, and will even give you feedback on your photos.

Bluewater Travel

So that's the 'what' and the 'how' sorted, you just need to decide on the 'where'. And that's where Bluewater Travel comes in. Their large team of travel experts can help you book a bespoke dive travel package anywhere in the world. As well as this, they run a number of photography group workshops each year, run by professional photography instructors and aimed at both beginners and experienced underwater photographers.

So now there's no excuse! Check out the resources and links above and you'll soon be snapping like a pro.

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