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Top Cave Diving Spots | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The world of cave and cavern diving is full of mystery and intrigue, but certainly shouldn't be approached without the appropriate training. If you'd like to find out more, check out our latest article about the world's best cave diving spots. Here's a quick summary to whet your apetite:

1. Cenotes, Mexico

These stunning freshwater sinkholes connect via tunnels and passageways filled with beautiful limestone rock formations. Where the sunlight pierces through holes in the ceiling above, amazing color patterns dance with the shadows. Cenotes diving can be enjoyed by all levels of recreational and technical divers and is suitable for snorkelers too.

2. Blue Holes, The Bahamas

Andros Island in the Bahamas is the blue hole capital of the world. Over 200 round sinkholes are scattered across the countryside and surrounding shallow reefs. With verticle sides and distinct halocline and thermoclines, diving these holes is a unique experience for all levels of recreational diver.

3. Orda Cave, Russia

Orda is a cave divers' paradise, but it's not for the faint-hearted. Huge blocks of gypsum emit a blueish hue under torchlight along several miles of flooded passageways. While depths rarely reach more than 60 feet, water temperatures remain a constant 40 Fahrenheit year-round, which is a major limiting factor.

4. Lanai Cathedrals, Hawaii

No dive trip to Hawaii would be complete without a visit to Lanai's famous Cathedrals I & II. Divers of all levels enter a cavernous chamber with a vaulted ceiling and swim towards small holes in the rock reminiscent of a stained glass window. Many of Hawaii's endemic marine creatures can be discovered lurking in cracks and crevices along the way.

5. Turtle Cavern & Turtle Tomb, Sipadan

This eerie dive off the coast of Sipidan in Borneo is true to its name. Several turtles have met their demise here over the years, and their remains lie undisturbed on the cave floor. The entrance cavern can be explored by divers of all levels but the deeper passageways should be left to experienced cave divers.

6. Gozo, Malta

The small Mediterranean island of Gozo offers a wealth of cave and cavern sites for all levels of diver. Perfectly located for European travelers, Gozo's fascinating underwater topography offers something new and exciting on every dive.

7. Florida Springs, USA

The numerous springs and subterranean networks of northern Florida are the birthplace of modern cave diving, and many areas are still being surveyed and mapped. Recreational divers can explore many of the shallower springs across the State.

8 Chandelier Cave, Palau

This shallow but spectacular cave is a great intro to cavern diving for novice adventurers. Huge stalactites hang from the ceiling like elaborate chandeliers throughout a series of five large chambers. Haloclines create a shimmering mirage effect that adds to the surreal experience.

9. Sra Keow & Sra Hong Caves, Thailand

Another system reserved solely for technical divers, these two caves descend quickly o extreme depths from small ponds in the Thai jungle. Offering extremes from huge chambers to tiny squeeze-throughs, excellent visibility, and areas that often silt out these caves are an extraordinary dive for those qualified to explore them.

10. Bayahibe Caves, Dominican Republic

Comparable to the Mexican cenotes, the caverns at Bayahibe are a scenic journey through some fascinating geological and early human history. Petroglyphs and rock carvings from ancient Dominican Republic societies can be viewed in crystal clear water.

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