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Underwater Video and Video Editing Instructor

Todd Kortte brings a unique set of creative knowledge to the subject of underwater video.  He has experience working with Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios as a theme park ride designer.  He is also an actor in Hollywood with experience working on over 300 different production sets.  The combined knowledge of learning how Hollywood shoots Commercials/TV/Film, along with the creative imagination of Disney and Universal Studios helped Todd with his achievements in underwater video.  Todd has won 8 Film Festival Awards.  Place 4th in the World Shootout in Germany.  Is the only American to make the top 5 finalists in the World Shootout.  He has published films, is a 5-time video winner of the SoCal Shootout, and has achieved over 10 million minutes of online stream time with his work.  Todd has several viral videos that have been licensed out to viral video companies.  He is a Pro Team Member for Kraken Sports, and participates regularly with Oceans Defenders Alliance in Southern California to remove lost fishing nets off the coast of California.  Todd is also the host and creator of Oceans Unknown YouTube channel. 

“I love seeing how passionate scuba divers are about what they see underwater.  I want to help these divers capture videos of their dives without making the mistakes I made when I first got started in 2014.  Whether you just want to create videos for fun and post them on your social media, or want to take it to the professional level…..I will pass on what I have learned by providing basic to advanced knowledge of how to create and edit underwater video.  We live in a day and age where we have the technology to capture these moments underwater, and instantly share them with the world through social media platforms.  We should all be showing as much as we can about the oceans through our videos.  You, as a diver, have the opportunity to make a big difference by showing the world something they have never seen before.”

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