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A Quick Tour of Misool Eco Resort | Scuba Diving Blog

Tucked away on an exclusive private island in the heart of Raja Ampat, Misool Eco Resort offers stunning access to the most biodiverse reef system in the world. Unimposing cottages with private docks line the low cliffs of Misool's small lagoon and private beach, each linked by a wooden walkway to the rest of the resort. Misool Eco Resort has to be seen to be believed, providing the ultimate Robinson Crusoe-style escape and diving on some of the world's best sites.


Built entirely from reclaimed wood, Misool's eight water cottages and nine private villas have been carefully designed to offer guests the utmost in comfort and privacy whilst all the while considering sustainability. Featuring luxurious open-air bathrooms, hot and cold freshwater, air-conditioning, and furniture handcrafted in a local style, couples, families, and groups can all be comfortably accommodated.


The resort's open-air restaurant and terrace are the perfect spot to watch the marine life in the lagoon at sunset over a meal and a glass of wine. A wide selection of Asian and Western dishes are available, and the chef is happy to cater to vegetarians, vegans, and other dietary requirements. Sustainability plays an important role in the cuisine, with an organic hydroponics system to grow vegetables and salad produce, the use of local rather than imported fruits, and fresh cashew milk made on site.

Dive Centre

Raja Ampat is one of the world's best diving destinations, and Misool Eco Resort is ideally located to offer guests exclusive access to some incredible diving. As well as the house reef, Misool sits within a further 465 square miles of Marine Protected Area and inside a huge 'no take' zone that prohibits fishing. Famous sites such as Nudi Rock, Magic Mountain, and Boo Windows are all within a 20-minute boat ride. The resort dive center is spacious and airy and offers excellent facilities for photographers and divers of all levels. Four boats, free nitrox, and a massive workstation ensure guests' every need is met.

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