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A Quick Tour of the Solmar V | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

One of the original liveaboards in the Pelagic Fleet, the Solmar V is a classic diving and exploration vessel, well built to withstand regular transits to the islands of Socorro and Guadalupe. At 112ft in length, there is plenty of space and stability within her steel hull to withstand the Eastern Pacific Ocean's biggest swells.

The Solmar V is a high-end luxury boat that prides itself on providing exceptional service and a world-class liveaboard experience in what can be a challenging environment. Twelve well-appointed staterooms equipped with private bathrooms and air-conditioning, a huge dive deck, and spacious personal equipment tables ensure guests have all the room they need to kit up, relax, and enjoy their trip.

If you would like to visit Socorro or Guadalupe on the Solmar V, please get in touch for great rates.

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