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Spotlight on Socorro | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Apr 10

Few destinations offer the drama and excitement of diving at Socorro Island. This wildly desolate outcrop, adrift in the eastern Pacific Ocean, is a far cry from the vibrancy of its closest neighbor, mainland Mexico. Heavy seas and strong currents beat a relentless assault on the island's rocky coastline, her steep fortifications barren and inhospitable to the untrained eye. But Socorro could well be nature's finest juxtaposition. Beneath the seemingly impenetrable grey waves, down in the liquid state of matter - one of the world's richest marine ecosystems is thriving, and ripe for discovery.

Attracted by upwellings of cool, nutrient-rich water around her steep submerged walls, Socorro is a magnet for some of the ocean's largest stars. Humpback whales, dolphins, and whale sharks are among the many pelagic species that flock to Socorro for respite and a place to feed on their seasonal journey along the Pacific coast. But that's just for starters. Renowned dive sites such as Roca Partida and The Boiler are some of the best locations in the world for diving with sharks. Huge schools of hammerheads, oceanic whitetips, and Galapagos sharks fin lazily in the sweeping currents, making light work of the often challenging conditions. And The Boiler is also home to some of the ocean's friendliest manta rays. Appearing to cavort in divers' exhaust bubbles, these graceful giants create a dramatic spectacle as they swoop and spiral in choreographed routines.

International travel has taken a big hit this year, but the good news is that Socorro is open to divers with the upcoming season shaping up to be a good one! A recent reduction in visitor numbers means diving this phenomenal destination has never been better. And getting to Socorro couldn't be easier, with direct flights to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) from the US and Europe. Bluewater Travel can help you book your liveaboard trip to Socorro to experience this tiny but mighty destination firsthand. Or check out their February 2021 Socorro Photo Workshop for specific instruction and tuition on how to capture the best of the islands' spectacular underwater wildlife.

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