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Aruba vs Bonaire vs Curacao - Guide to the ABC islands | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Are you planning your next Caribbean dive trip, but unsure which of the ABC islands is best? It can be a tough choice, and it's not always possible to visit all three. Nevertheless, we can help you out with making a decision. Here is an overview of all the islands.


Aruba is the most developed island of the three of them, and there are lots of international flights coming in.

Bonaire has fewer choices compared to Aruba. Still, there are several direct flights a week coming from the USA and Europe.

Curacao is less developed from the three of them, but it is still possible to find direct flights or flights with one stopover.


When comparing the three islands, Aruba has the most choices. You can choose between a big dive resort or a budget hotel. There is something for everyone.

Bonaire does not have any massive resorts on the island. There are smaller hotels and some more upscale offers.

Curacao is the largest island of the three and thus, offers lots of options for accommodations. Similar to Aruba, it has offers for different tastes.


The A from the ABC's has plenty to offer to its visitors. Aruba has great nightlife, water sports, shopping, and casinos are very popular. It even has a colorful food scene, and you can get a taste of the Caribbean cuisines.

Bonaire is an off-the-beaten-track destination that is great for independent travelers. It offers a lot of activities for adventurous and active people like hiking, biking, or snorkeling.

Besides good nightlife and shopping, Curacao is also home to a UNESCO heritage site. The historic area of Willemstad, Inner city, and harbor are worth a visit.


And finally, let's talk about diving!

If you are a fan of wreck diving, then you should choose Aruba as your destination. It has one of the most abundant wreck scenes in the Caribbean. There are also beautiful coral reefs and plenty of marine life to see.

Bonaire is the winner for shore diving and is often referred to as the shore diving capital of the world. The diving infrastructure is great, and the dive sites are all easily reachable due to one main road running the whole length of the island.

Last but not least is Curacao. If you like a mixture of dive sites, then this is the choice for you. You can see some healthy coral, macro subjects, and a wide range of marine life.

We hope this helps you with your decision. Which of the islands seems the best fit for you?

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