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Best Dive Sites in Palau | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

You may be forgiven for assuming that subsurface Palau is as laid-back and low-key as the tropical island. But you'd be wrong! Diving here is exciting and diverse, with a range of unique underwater experiences that are hard to beat. From swimming with millions of jellyfish to exploring a stunning submerged cave, Palau diving can be enjoyed by all levels of divers and snorkelers.

Here are our favorite scuba diving sites in Paula:

Chandelier Cave

This very cool collection of caves connected by underwater tunnels is a fantastic dive and great to explore with an experienced guide. The entrance at 25ft leads divers through several huge caverns where they can surface and admire the huge and intricate stalactites clinging to the roof.

Jellyfish Lake

This large saltwater lake is mostly isolated from the sea, and millions of non-stinging jellyfish have evolved in this unique environment. At the end of a short jungle hike, snorkelers can swim through large swarms of these harmless jellies for a weirdly unique experience.

German Channel

A narrow channel connecting the lagoon and open ocean, this is a lively dive featuring the best of Palau's vibrant marine life. This site is famous for manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks, and huge numbers of schooling fish.

Blue Hole

Another fascinating cavern dive located on the corner of a steep drop-off and entered from a shallow window at the top of the reef. Divers of all levels can explore this large chamber lit from above, before drifting along the reef amongst tropical fish and regular pelagic visitors.

Iro Maru Shipwreck

A WWII Japanese tanker sunk off the coast of Koror by the Allied Forces, this 470ft vessel has plenty to offer both new and experienced wreck divers. Sitting upright in 130ft of water, the wreck offers some exciting penetration as well as plenty to discover around the outer superstructure.

Have you dived in Palau? Tell us about your favorite Palau diving experience!

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