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Diving for Thrill-Seekers | Scuba Diving Blog

Despite being regarded by many as a relaxing sport, diving offers some exhilarating underwater experiences for those searching for some added excitement. Here are our top dive experiences for thrill-seekers.

Shark Cage Diving

Available in many destinations worldwide, shark cage diving can be enjoyed by qualified and non-qualified divers alike. Participants wait in metal cages suspended under a boat while sharks are enticed close by with scraps of fish known as chum. In certain places, such a Guadalupe Island in the Eastern Pacific, as many as a dozen great whites have been known to circle cages at any one time, often nudging and bumping the metalwork. Observing these apex predators from behind the bars of a cage is the only safe way to interact with them, and while there is some controversy over the chumming methods involved, it does allow photographers and researchers an insight into their activity they would not otherwise gain.

Meeting Saltwater Crocs

Mexicos' Chinchorro Banks is one of the best places in the world to get up close and personal with American saltwater crocodiles. These 6 meter-long reptiles are relatively docile towards humans, however, interacting with them should only be done via a professional operator. In only 1 to 2 meters of water, crocodiles are managed by an experienced handler while participants skin dive and photograph them, an exhilarating experience.

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Exploring the Cenotes

Cave and cavern diving is a fantastic way to further your dive education, however gaining the proper training is essential. The cenotes of Mexico's Yucatan peninsular are a great introduction to cavern diving, where sinkholes in the limestone bedrock have collapsed to create a stunning underwater landscape. Shafts of blue light pierce the clear water from above, creating fascinating features on the rock formations below. Following the twists and turns of submerged passageways, new and surprising views wait around every corner for those that try cenotes diving.

Wreck Penetration Diving

Another activity that requires some additional training, exploring shipwrecks is great fun and these underwater museums provide a fascinating glimpse back in time. Natural wrecks can contain cargo and personal items, whereas wrecks that have been cleaned and intentionally sunk provide a safe introduction for novice wreck divers. You never quite know what you might find when you explore a wreck.

Under the Ice

Ice diving is more than exploring a cold-water destination, it involves cutting a hole in an ice sheet to use as an entry/exit point. While the underwater world beneath the ice is surprisingly vibrant, proper training is required to ensure divers know how to find the exit point again. If you can withstand the extreme temperatures, ice diving offers a stunning glimpse into a rarely seen world.

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