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Guadalupe is Open for Business | Scuba Diving Blog

The last few months have been tumultuous for those of us trying to book travel, with many locations revising their travel restrictions time and again in response to the ebb and flow of coronavirus outbreaks around the globe.

The great news is that destinations are starting to re-open, and the 2021 season is looking a lot more positive for travel to many of our favorite dive destinations. One location recently opened to diving is Guadalupe Island, off the west coast of southern Mexico. Bluewater Travel can book your shark cage diving experience in Guadalupe diving this year, and here are some pictures from our Photo Pros to whet your appetite.

There are various types of cages available to view great white sharks from, for example surface cages, mid-water cages, or even self-propelled cages.

Guadalupe is all about diving with great white sharks.

An abundance of prey draws large numbers of white sharks to Guadalupe from August through December each year.

“Lucy” is well-known female great white shark who has been visiting Isla de Guadalupe for years. Her uniquely damaged caudal fin (tail), along with her generally curious nature, make her an easy individual to identify.

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