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Hawaii Scuba Diving - Fun Facts | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The ever-popular dive destination of Hawaii offers a wealth of cultural and underwater experiences that make Hawaii scuba diving a great choice for your first post-covid trip. So here are some fun facts about this fabulous island chain.

1. Hawaii's isolated geographical location means it has one of the highest rates of endemism in the world. Nearly 20% of marine species are native to Hawaii, including five species of angelfish, 24 species of butterflyfish, seven parrotfish, 25 scorpionfish, and 17 damselfish. However, there is only one sea mammal, the Hawaiin monk seal, that is native to Hawaii.

2. Hawaii is the first US State to ban reef-damaging sunscreen. As of January 2021, only reef-safe sunscreens and lotions can be purchased on the island. The chemicals in sunscreen interfere with the reproductive processes in corals and can cause widespread damage to reefs. Choose products without oxybenzone, octinoxate, or titanium dioxide, or ditch the sunscreen altogether and cover up with a UV-protective rashguard instead.

3. In Hawaiian religion and mythology, shark gods are commonplace. It is also believed that individuals could be reincarnated in shark form and would protect their families while fishing out at sea. As such, sharks are revered and protected in Hawaii, and as many as 40 different species can be spotted off the islands.

4. Hawaii is an active volcanic island chain experiencing regular volcanic eruptions resulting in a constantly evolving landscape. This is also noticeable underwater, where the topography of dive sites can change from one visit to the next due to lava flows, tremors, and movements in the rock.

5. Hawaii has the fourth-longest coastline of the US States, after Alaska, Florida, and California. This provides a huge variety of diving for all levels of diver. One of the best stretches of coast is that of Kona on the west side of Hawaii Island itself. Here, divers can explore huge reef scapes and lava tubes, and dive with manta rays and turtles.

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