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Best Scuba Diving Destinations in 2021 | Scuba Diving Blog

You have been patiently waiting to get back to diving and now that the travel restrictions are lifting, it’s time to plan your next diving vacation. But which destination should you choose for your next best scuba diving vacation? Here are our top 5 suggestions to consider for your diving holiday in 2021.

1. Galapagos

If you have not checked one of the best scuba diving destinations off your diving bucket list, then you should wait no longer and head to this wonderful dive destination for some unforgettable experiences. You can dive through hundreds of hammerhead sharks, see the rare marine iguanas, mola molas, or penguins sliding by. To add to that list of pelagics, you can even dive with manta rays and whale sharks. As a bonus, you can take a land tour and see some incredible wildlife above the surface!

2. Socorro Islands

A dive trip to Socorro will be one you won’t forget. It is one of the best places to dive with giant manta rays. You will get close encounters with these beautiful marine animals while they are circling your bubbles. The Revillagigedo Islands are also great for other big pelagic encounters like various sharks, whales, and dolphins. It even offers some macro opportunities like nudibranch, eels, and octopuses.

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3. Mexico Mainland

Besides the amazing Socorro Islands, Mexico itself has so much to offer. You can see beautiful reefs, explore wrecks or discover the crystal clear cenotes. If you are looking for colorful reefs, you should head to Cozumel where you can find the second-largest reef structure. Bright colored corals with sponges and overhanging make allow some stunning reef structures. The Yucatan peninsula is the best to discover cenotes. These sinkholes offer an out-of-this-world experience that is hard to find elsewhere. For adventurous souls, you can even dive with saltwater crocodiles in Banco Chinchorro! Mexico has something for everyone.

4. The Red Sea

The Red Sea does not need introducing and diving there never gets dull even if you have already visited the Red Sea various times. Some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs are located just here, there are plenty of wrecks to discover and it has diverse marine life from big to small critters. Plus, you can dive from different countries, which allows you to see different areas from above and below water.

5. Maldives

A dreamy destination with white sandy beaches and an amazing underwater world - should we say more? It has a great pelagic life like whale sharks, manta rays and reef sharks, dolphins, and many more. What is exciting is that you can often see some pelagics in big groups and dive right in the middle of them. The natural coral atolls of Maldives offer beautiful reefs and great marine life. You can explore it from a land-based option and stay in an incredible dive resort. Maldives liveaboards can take you to further dive sites that dive boats and you have options from budget to luxurious.

Luckily many more fantastic destinations can take you diving right now. See our sister companies Back to Travel Guide with all the information on which countries are open and the top specials to plan your next adventure.


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