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Highlights of the Bahamas | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

The Bahamas may be best known for its awesome shark diving, however, this tropical paradise has far more to offer divers than just that. Stunning visibility, tropical temperatures, and a wide variety of dive experiences make Bahamas diving some of the best in the Caribbean for those keen to explore beneath the waves. Here are our highlights of the Bahamas:

1. The Blue Holes of Andros

Andros is the blue hole capital of the world - the island has recorded over 200 of these mysterious aquamarine craters so far! Both on dry land and below the waves, sinkholes in the limestone bedrock provide access to a labyrinth of flooded tunnels and passageways of which only 10% have been explored. Properly qualified divers can venture into several of these blue holes and the caverns and caves that join them, while snorkelers enjoy the view from the surface. The Crater is one of the most popular oceanic blue holes, diveable by all levels and home to turtles, rays, and eels.

2. James Bond Wrecks in New Providence

New Providence offers a wealth of wreck dives, but none so more famous than the two James Bond wrecks located off Clifton Pier at the western end of the island. The Vulcan bomber that crash-landed in Thunderball and the Tears of Allah wreck that Sean Connery and Barbara Carrera dived in Never Say Never Again are both easy dives suitable for all levels of diver. And as if this wasn't enough, the barge used in the underwater battle at the climax of Thunderball is located in 6m of water near Nassau on the other side of the island.

3. Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach

One of the best places in the world to dive with tiger sharks, these fearsome predators can be found in their scores around the sand flats of Tiger Beach. Located an hour's transit from West End on Grand Bahama, the sharks here are hand-fed by dive operators, providing excellent photo opportunities all year round. At over 15 feet (5m) in length, the larger tiger sharks are also joined by dozens of lemon sharks and Caribbean reef sharks, all keen to grab a free snack. Encounters are carefully managed to ensure the safest experience for the participants and the sharks.

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4. Big Pelagics around Cat Island

Columbus Point is a remote site jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean at the southeastern tip of Cat Island. Some believe Christopher Columbus first stepped ashore here in 1942, however, these days the site is famous for its prolific pelagic life. Pinnacles rising from the seabed are home to a seasonal population of oceanic whitetips, as well as silky sharks, and numerous grouper. Add to this large game fish passing through, and this challenging site is well worth it.

5. Current Cut in Eleuthera

This awesome drift dive takes advantage of the brisk currents that sweep the narrow channel between Current Island and the northern tip of Eleuthera. Tidal changes force high volumes of water through the 100m-wide pass, creating the perfect playground for a multitude of brightly colored tropical fish, sharks, and rays, and of course, divers. With currents up to 10 knots, it only takes around 10 to 12 minutes to make one pass through the cut, and divers sometimes make two or three passes in one day.

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