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Our favorite things about Cozumel | Scuba Diving Blog

Cozumel is one of the best dive destinations in Mexico and for a good reason. Ask any diver, who has visited Cozumel, and they will only have good things to say. Some scuba divers even love it so much that they keep going back and a few have chosen it as the destination to visit every year. Here are our reasons why we love Cozumel and keep going back:

Excellent Diving

As part of the second-largest coral reef system in the world, the underwater world is truly astounding. The wide variety of coral species and different sponges have filled the water with colors and exciting shapes. Don’t forget to check out tips for coral photography before your visit, to return with stunning photos. The massive coral heads have formed exciting swim-throughs. Cozumel marine life is rich and divers can spot turtles, eagle rays, nurse sharks, lobsters, toadfish, and much more. If you get a chance, go for a night dive that brings out even more critters. Wreck diving enthusiasts will also have their chance for exploration.

Easy to get to

Cozumel is not just a popular dive destination, but also great for a relaxing vacation. Thus, there are direct flights available and you can forget all the hassle of stop-overs. Often people visiting Cozumel plan to see other destinations in Mexico as well. Cozumel can be easily combined with Cancun or Playa del Carmen where ferries run regularly. Cancun has one of the biggest international airports in Mexico, which makes it a great destination to either visit before or after your stay in Cozumel.

Great selection of accommodation

Cozumel has a wide range of dive resorts and the diving is mainly land-based. Cozumel dive resorts often have an on-site dive center and have everything prepared for when the guests are ready to dive. Scuba Club Cozumel is one of the many examples that offer all-inclusive scuba diving services from the resort. Many offer both, shore dives or boat dives.

Delicious food

Trying out the Mexican cuisine is a must when you are visiting. Make sure to taste their chilaquiles, tacos, elotes, enchiladas, and many other delicious dishes. Some foods can be spicy, but there are also plenty of non-spicy dishes or meals that are often served with spicy sauce on the side. And don’t forget to take a shot of tequila… or two!

Year-round diving available

While some dive destinations are seasonal, the great thing about Cozumel is that you can visit anytime you want! Still, it is good to know that the high season is from December to April and if you want to avoid the crowds, it is better to visit during other months of the year. The water temperatures are the warmest from May to July and the weather is great, which makes them ideal months to visit.

Have you been to Cozumel? Tell us what you think about the dive destination!


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