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Swimming in a Jellyfish Lake | Scuba Diving Blog

You might expect to come across jellyfish on an ocean scuba dive, but imagine swimming through a salt-water lake surrounded by millions of jellies!

Inland marine lakes are a rare ecosystem found mainly in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Palau. There are around 200 documented marine lakes and less than 20 have populations of jellyfish. One of the most famous is Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Now a popular tourist experience, visitors can swim and snorkel amongst the baseball-sized golden jellyfish, their stings so mild that they are undetectable to humans.

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Diving in Palau offers a great range of dive experiences and diving suitable for all levels. You can learn all about the best dive sites in Palau in our recent blog post. Visitors to Palau must show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test to enter the country.

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