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Why we can't wait to dive Raja Ampat again | Scuba Diving Blog

Although countries have started to open up, some dive destinations are still closed, and we are eagerly waiting for the countries to make a reopening announcement. One of those destinations we can’t wait to see again is Raja Ampat. There is no place quite like Raja Ampat, and there are many things we are looking forward to seeing again.

All the fish

Raja Ampat has one of the highest numbers of fish species in the world. That fact alone is inviting. Having not seen marine life for a while, Raja Ampat would give a good dose of it. Although it is more known for macro life, you can spot some big marine animals while diving there.

The endemic species

Among all the fish species, there are some special ones that you can only see in Raja Ampat. We can’t wait to see the Tasseled Wobbegong Shark, also known as the walking shark, because it uses its fins to “walk” on the ocean floor. Moreover, we can’t wait to spot one of the newest discoveries, the Papuan Garden Eel, only classified for the first time in 2010.

Hundreds of reef species

After the pandemic, we need some color back in our life. What better way to brighten up the day than dive above colorful coral reefs. Raja Ampat has around 75% of the world’s coral species, making it one of the best coral reef destinations in the world. It has a good mix of hard and soft coral. Who would say no to that?

Away from the masses

Raja Ampat is remote and not a budget destination. Thus, not many people come here in the first place. You can fully enjoy the islands and be away from the crowds.

Great liveaboard destination

If you are a big fan of liveaboard holidays, then you’ll understand why we can’t wait for one of the best liveaboard destinations to open up. Liveaboard is the best way to explore Raja Ampat as it can get to the remotest corners of this already remote destination and show you some truly magical spots.

It really is a dream destination for every scuba diver, and we can’t hide the excitement and wait for it to open up again!

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