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The Advantages of Shore Diving

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

The coastline in Dauin, Philippines, with Apo Island in the background.
The coastline in Dauin, Philippines

What is Shore Diving?

Shore diving does not require a boat and shore dive sites are accessed from land. A shore dive site may be entered using a natural shoreline, a manmade dock or jetty, or purpose-built dive infrastructure such as stairs or a dive platform. is any scuba dive in which a diver uses a natural shoreline or man-made stationary platform for entering and exiting the water.

Is Shore Diving Worthwhile?

Depending on where you are and who you ask, the term “shore diving” can have different connotations. Popular misconceptions (and our rebuttals) about shore diving include:

  • · “It’s only for beginners.” Not true! Even technical divers and professional photographers explore shore dive sites.

  • · “It isn’t as good as boat diving.” False! Some of the best dive sites in the world are reachable from the shore.

  • · “There’s nothing to see.” Only if you have your eyes closed! Some of the best macro diving in the world is done from shore, and there are plenty of reefs and wide-angle photo opportunities at shore dive sites.

  • · “It’s only good for night dives.” Not so! Indeed, night dives are popularly done from shore, partly because of the logistics involved with boat diving at night. However, most of the popular shore dive sites for night dives have plenty to see during the day.

What are the Advantages of Shore Diving?

Why should you consider adding the best shore diving destinations in the world to your scuba diving bucket list? The top advantages of shore diving are:

1. Freedom and Flexibility

Shore diving enables you to dive on your schedule during your holiday. There’s no need to get up early to make a boat departure or worry about scheduling your other activities around the dive schedule. You get to decide when and where you dive, and how many dives in a day you’d like to do. Shore diving enables you to decide your bottom times (staying within safe diving limits, of course) and how much time you want to spend trying to get the perfect photograph of that tiny nudibranch!

2. Cost-Effective

3. Improve your Dive Skills

4. Shore Diving is Adventurous

5. Avoid Seasickness

6. Spot Bucket List Critters

How to Plan a Shore Diving Trip

Shore diving has many benefits and is a great way to explore dive sites on a more flexible schedule. In most dive destinations there are incredible dive sites only reachable by boat, so it’s a good idea to include a balance of both in your itinerary.

Not every destination will allow divers to rent tanks and dive independently, so it’s important to understand local regulations before you go. Even if you are required to dive with a guide, there are many advantages to shore diving.

Now that you understand the many advantages of shore diving, contact the experts at Bluewater Travel to help you plan your next shore diving holiday.

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