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Spotlight on the Red Sea | Scuba Diving Blog

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The Red Sea is a dive destination that makes it to all the top 10 dive destination lists. You can find some of the most beautiful coral reefs, a huge variety of marine life, and amazing wrecks. It can be explored by land while staying in a comfortable dive resort, or by a liveaboard to get even more dives in and access remote areas.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose the Red Sea as your next dive destination.

Best Coral Reefs

You might have heard of how the Red Sea is one of the seven world wonders of the underwater world. The beautiful coral reefs prove that it truly is a wonder. The sunny weather provides suitable conditions for coral growth. Scuba divers can see over 200 different species of coral in the Red Sea. The best coral reefs are found in the southern part of the Red Sea, while the northern part is better for wreck diving.

Marine Life

The list of marine life you can see while scuba diving the Red Sea is long. The underwater world is filled with over a thousand different fish species. You can spot various reef sharks, hammerheads, and lucky scuba divers can even spot a thresher shark. Manta rays, dolphins, and whale sharks like to visit the area. Moreover, you can see turtles, angelfish, pufferfish, triggerfish, and plenty more. The destination is especially great for photographing big marine subjects. You can see our wide-angle photography class to sharpen your underwater photography skills before visiting.

Best Wrecks

The northern part of the Red Sea offers a treat for all the wreck divers. These wrecks will feed anyone's appetite for exploration, and the coral-covered shipwrecks are great for underwater photography. Under the Red Sea lies the famous wreck SS Thistlegorm, most scuba divers' favorite wreck to dive. Abu Nuhas Reef is another excellent dive area, known as the ship graveyard of the Red Sea. There are more than enough wrecks to dive there!

Great Liveaboard Destination

All the reasons above make it a great destination for liveaboard diving. There are options for every level of diver, luxury, and budget travelers. You can reach remote parts of the area that you cannot explore from a dive resort. Additionally, choosing a liveaboard for your dive holiday in the Red Sea will give you maximum time underwater to get the best out of this wonderful scuba destination.

Adding all this up, the Red Sea deserves the title for one of the best diving destinations in the world. The destination's underwater world has so much to offer for every taste. Even after multiple visits, it is impossible to get tired of it!

Interested in learning more? Read about our top 7 dive sites in the Red Sea.

Have you visited the Red Sea, and do you agree? Would you choose a dive resort or a liveaboard for your next holiday there? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!


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